Plan Copies

Builders Exchange of Rochester offers copying, scanning, and printing for both standard and wide-format printing for both members and non-members, including on selected specialty papers. Printing is based on size and color category. Members save 20%-50% on printing!

Send your plan copy requests to to get started!

Sorry, for security reasons, we cannot take plans via USB drive.

Color Category

  • Black and White: Copies/prints without color (greyscale)
  • Color Line: Copies/prints with minimal color, such as a plan with colored lines to mark walls or piping
  • Half Color: Copies/prints with a large block of solid color, such as a print with a full-color inset that's half a page or less
  • Full Color: Copies/prints with more than a half page of color, such as a large full-color poster

Plan Size

We price copies on a per square foot basis, based on the color category (prices before sales tax):

Color Category Member Price Non-Member Price
B&W $0.25/sf
(20% savings)
Color Line $0.50/sf
(50% savings)
Half Color $1.00/sf
(50% savings)
Full Color $2.25/sf
(33% savings)

We also provide additional services:

  • Large Format Scanning: $2.25/page
  • Print on Tyvek: $3 additional/page (members) or $5 additional/page (non-members)
  • Big Checks: $25/each (members) or $30 (non-members)

Plan Cost Calculator

Want to estimate your cost? Use the form below.

This tool is provided for informational purposes only, and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.