Post a Plan

Have a project out for bid? Post it with us and have it seen by our hundreds of members. Anyone can send a project to have it posted with Builders Exchange for free--even non-members!

  • Project Owners can get the best bid possible by advertising to hundreds of members, including general contractors and subcontractors
  • Construction Managers can look great to their clients by advertising to hundreds of subcontractors, from alarm installers to window suppliers
  • Bidding Contractors can advertise their interest in a project and attract subcontractors to bid with them (bidding contractors must have permission to have plans posted)

Project must meet certain criteria, including being within our service area.

How it Works

You can email files or links to your project to (for security reasons, we cannot take files via USB drive). Generally, we projects should include this:

  • Advertisement for Bid, which should include:
    • Bid due date and time
    • How bids should be submitted
    • Date, time, and location of the pre-bid walkthrough, if any
    • If a bid bond is required, and if one is, how much is required
    • A short paragraph describing your project
  • Specifications or project manual
  • Project plans

What You Get

The night your project is posted, any members who have signed up for email alerts will be notified about your new project. In addition, we have a weekly bulletin that goes out to all members, which includes a description and other basic details about your project.

Builders Exchange of Rochester has two membership levels. All members can view the basic details about your project, including everything listed above in the Advertisement for Bid. Members can also your project to their watchlist, so they'll be notified about any updates. In addition, Plans Online members can view posted specs and plans, making it even easier for them to bid on your project!

Members who post plans can also request a list of what companies have viewed their project so they can proactively reach out to interested contractors. (You can apply for membership with the form at this link.

Sound interesting? Email your project to us at today!